Pickpockets, Children and HOW TO GROW A CHILD

(I wrote this essay as I was speeding to Rome on the Eurostar train, traveling at speeds over 150 mph, comfortably seated passing through the lovely countryside of the Tuscany region of northern Italy. The photo above is of me in Italy after the incident described below.) I was on a crowded subway station in […]

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Celebrating My Entry into the Next Decade of Life

“It’s not true that when you grow old you stop pursuing dreams, you grow old when you stop pursuing dreams.” Anyone who knows me, knows how much I value being a Dad and Husband; they are truly two of the greatest joys of my life. On February 2nd I celebrated my birthday and entered the […]

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I Think I May be a God

I THINK I MAY BE A GOD I have recently returned to a place I had not been to for several years, it is located in the Caribbean. Many of the people I knew from my previous trips were still there, and at least 10 people when they first saw me said with a warm […]

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A Cup of Goulash – A Symbol of Courage

“I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.” Why am I showing you this photo of a cup of Goulash, and using that as a symbol of courage. Well, it is not a symbol of courage, it is a bowl of Goulash  – a […]

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Prague: A very special place

My last stop of my European journey in 2011 was in the Czech Republic, and mainly in Prague. The city has a very special atmosphere that, for me, is a very calming and peaceful space to be – I could easily live here. I spent 8 days, delivering seminars on parenting and how to create […]

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Giving a seminar for children

I was recently asked to deliver seminars to a group of children ages 8 to 17, speaking three languages – American, Russian and Spanish. Talk about a challenge. How to communicate at the appropriate level, with information and activities that are real and valued by children from such a wide variety of ages and backgrounds […]

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Always great to visit Hungary

In  April 2011 I had my latest trip  to Hungary – it is always filled with much fun and activity. Zsuzsa is the Executive Director of the Applied Scholastics organization, and is my most delightful and joyous host for each of my trips (see photo below). This trip was mainly to deliver educational seminars to business […]

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A teacher effects eternity, and never knows when his influence stops

How and when do we really know the what impact was that we have had on others? The photo you see is me in 1972 with one of my very favorite classes. My one sentence description for that class is that they knew when to call me “Bernie” and when I was “Mr. Percy” – this […]

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What do you do when you see unkindness and unfairness to a child?

Not too long ago I was on a bus going from the Frankfurt, Germany airline terminal to the plane that required remote boarding. Standing on the bus in front of me was a woman with six year old and ten year old boys. The six year old was a very pleasant looking boy who decided […]

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The legacy you want to leave

“There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in.” — Graham Greene A legacy is the enduring effect that you create. My wife, Caralyn, and I are very proud of the legacy we are leaving with our three daughters – Maari with the hat on – our youngest, […]

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